Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to start a successful online business?

Internet has something to offer for each and every intruder and this is why more and more people are seen online, busy identifying ways on how to start a successful online business to earn their portion of online money. There are several ways to earn money online and choosing the right program depends on your skills, interest, passion and goals. While some of these programs do not require a website or a blog, most of the internet marketing programs work well if you have a personal website or a blog.

Choosing the best niche
Creating a website or a blog was a big task earlier, but not anymore. With multiple blogging platforms available for free or minimal charges, setting up your website is a cakewalk. The first thing is to purchase a domain. Before purchasing a domain, you need to choose your niche and keywords to target. While choosing a niche, there are several factors to be considered like the competition, traffic generation and popularity. However, the most important factor is your passion. If you are not passionate about a product and simply start a website for the sake of high paying keywords, you would end up getting dried on the subject. At some point of time you feel there is nothing to write on that niche. This is the time when you start searching the internet for some articles and rewrite them simply which in turn hits you in a hard way. At times, though there is huge competition, you can still make some business by posting content with passion.

Identifying high paying keywords
After you identify the best niche, the next step is to choose the right keywords for that niche. For instance, if you choose technology niche, you would encounter huge competition. However, you can narrow down your search and go for more specific topics like computer security. You can talk about antivirus or firewall programs. Then go to Google Keyword Tool and type that phrase and search for additional keywords. The new update with Google keyword tool is that you get 800 keywords list. Now, export this data into an excel sheet and identify keywords which have at least 10,000 searches and $1 CPC. Additionally you need to check for the pagerank of sites topping Google search engine for those keywords. If you have more than one site with PR4 or PR5 then that keyword would have high competition. Article Samurai is a great tool which helps you to identify the best keywords for your niche.

Purchasing a good domain name
After you identify the niche and keywords, the next thing is to purchase a domain name. It is very important to choose the correct domain name. Try to insert your keywords into the domain name. Again keyword domain depends on the type of niche you choose. If you are reviewing a product or offering an expert advice, it is good to choose a domain name with your brand or your personal name. However, for internet marketing and monetizing programs it is good to choose a keyword domain.

GoDaddy is a good place to purchase a domain name. It is a reputed company and offers an efficient service at an affordable price. For a .com domain it costs you around $10 per year . If you want a .info domain, you can get it for $2. If you can get a discount code, you can avail a discount on these prices. After you purchase a domain name, the next task is to purchase a hosting package. HostGator is a good choice when it comes to hosting your website. Once you are done with these steps, you can setup your website using Wordpress or other blogging platform which I will explain in detail in my next post.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Make money for blogging with linkfromblog paid to review program

Paid reviews

With internet offering numerous income streams, more and more people are attracted to setup their website or blog to earn their portion of online income from the comfort of working from home. While there are several programs and methods to earn online income, one of the best ways to make money for blogging is to write paid reviews for paid blogging sites and linkfromblog is one good program among them.

How does Linkfromblog work?
Linkfromblog is a paid to review blogging program which pays you for writing paid reviews on specific products. This is the best option if you want to make money for blogging as this program does not require you to refer someone or purchase something or do any marketing promotions. The only thing you need to do is to write a paid review and publish it on your blog. You get paid from the advertisers while a portion of that payment goes to linkfromblog.

The payment per review varies with advertisers and if you have a blog with PR0 you can earn around $5 for a small blog post of 300 words. If the page rank is higher, naturally the payment also goes higher. The minimum payout is $50 which can be easily reached at $5 per review. You can choose Paypal or check for withdrawing your payments from Linkfromblog. While the main purpose of your blog is to share your thoughts and ideas with the whole world, earning the maintenance cost of the blog is a good thing and with paid to review programs you can easily earn that amount. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

6 quick ways to increase traffic to your website or blog

Creating a website is pretty simple with multiple website building tools like Blogger or Wordpress available today. However, the most important part is to get traffic to your site. Here are 6 quick tips to increase your website traffic.

More Content
More content will attract more traffic. So make sure that your website or blog has decent amount of related content. This will also help in increasing your page rank and page views from the search engines.

Design and Layout
The design and layout should look good and easily navigable. Most search engines mark down your site if the site is not easily navigable. 

Yahoo Answers
Login to Yahoo answers and answer any questions related to your topic or niche and add your link in the signature. When the viewers read your solution they build confidence in you and will definitely visit your website.

Post comments
Visit other websites or blogs related to your site topic and post comments and put your website link in the signature box. Try to visit sites which are relevant to your niche. And most importantly, do not try to spam sites or blogs with your comments. Make sure that your comment is relevant to the content and adding something to it.

Visit Forums
Visit forums related to your topic and post some comments or answers the questions and post your web links there.

Free Classifieds 
There are free classified sites on the net. You can post your site in these classifieds. This is a free way of promoting your website and getting huge traffic.

In addition, there are more ways to get traffic. While there are many free methods, going for paid traffic is another option if you can spend some money.