Monday, October 31, 2011

4 Things you should know before creating a blog site

Internet offers a wide range of income streams and this is why most people are interested to enter this online arena to earn their portion of online money, working from home. However most people do not take time to understand the basics of SEO and other important aspects required to create a blog site and learn the lesson the hard way. Creating a website should start from choosing a proper niche and keywords for the website so that you can purchase a proper domain name. Here are some important things to consider before purchasing a domain and creating a blog site.

Choosing the right niche
The niche you choose determines the success of your blog to a great extent. It is very important to know which niche is popular, which one brings more traffic and which topic is good for conversions. The best place to search for the right keywords is Google Keyword Tool. This is a free tool and provides you with an insight on what keywords work best for you and how each keyword performs. Choose a niche which has less competition and decent traffic stats. Initially you can try a keyword with 1000+ searches per month and $1 per click so that you can earn a decent income through Adsense.

Choose passion over high paying keywords
One of the big mistakes we do is to go for a high paying keyword in a popular niche. For instance, there are certain high paying keywords like Mesothelioma lawyers. The cost per click value of the keywords related to mesothelioma is between $40 and $70. However, there are two things to look at. Firstly, there is a heavy competition on these keywords and as a beginner you might not be able to rank higher on the search engine pages. Secondly, if you do not have passion about a topic, you cannot come up with unique content on a regular basis. At the end of the day you need to rewrite some articles on the internet and you lose on search engine rankings.

Now, if you are passionate about writing articles, you can go ahead on creating a blog site on writing tips. Though there are no high paying keywords, you can come up with good quality and unique content and thereby get more viewership and clicks in turn.

Determine your target audience
It is very essential to identify your target audience before proceeding with creating the blog site. When you know the target audience, their age and demographics, it becomes easy to decide on what to project on the website.

Choosing a brand name Vs keyword domain
This can be tough for you in the beginning to decide on choosing a brand domain name or keyword domain. However, it again depends on the type of web site you are going to launch. If you are providing reviews or ideas, a brand name can earn you trust and reputation over time. However, for an adsense or affiliate marketing site, choosing the keywords in your domain name would be good.

Once you decide on these elements and come up with your niche and keywords, then you can go ahead and purchase a domain name, hosting account and start blogging.

Changing the content of the blog for more income options

Hi Friends,

I have been working with several online programs over the past 4 years, right from PTC, surveys, forum posting to Affiliate marketing stuff. However, lately, I got busy with freelance writing projects and could not manage this blog. Most of the posts on this blog are very outdated and the sites I have reviewed here are not working either. 

However, when I checked the traffic stats, it was interesting to see that people are still visiting this blog and reading the content, though a less number. Moreover this traffic is coming from search engines. So I thought I should take time to manage this blog and provide updated information here. 

Moreover, I am not working with regular PTC system anymore as I feel it is a waste of time when we have more income to earn while spending less time. And the most important task of referring friends can be avoided. So I am going to write articles on how to earn money online blogging and ways to earn passive income.

So in the days to come, I will spend more time here posting useful information for newbies who want to earn an online income from the comfort of working from home.