Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Google Adsense Application rejected - Try Chitika to earn money

While every blogger dreams of making money online, it is your monetization strategies that matter the most. Undoubtedly, Google Adsense is the most popular income generating program online. However, it is not easy for everyone to get their Google Adsense application approved from the search engine giant. You need to post unique content, drive traffic to your site and show Google that your site has potentiality to create revenue. I have seen many people complaining about their Google Adsense application getting rejected. There are several reasons why your application gets rejected. I am not going to list these reasons here. However, I want to talk about the other Google alternative Ad revenue program so that you can earn money from your website or blog.

Chitika is a good Google alternative Ad revenue sharing program which is gaining popularity in recent times. In fact Yahoo Ad Publisher network refers small businesses to Chitika which speaks volumes of this company. Applying to Chitika is simple and easy. Click on Signup button and fill in your website details and submit the form. Chitika will review your website and approve your application. Once your website is approved you can login to the site and create ads and paste them on your website.

Get Chitika | Premium

Ads displayed by Chitika are contextual as well as search term related. Most of the time Chitika displays ads related to the search terms which brought your visitors into the site. This way the conversion rate goes high. In addition, Chitika checks your website content and posts ads related to the content. At times, there are ads which are not related to your content but enhance the value of the website.

There are membership levels in Chitika Ad network program. Silver-level Ads and Gold-Level Ads. Gold level ads offer you higher CPC. However, to qualify for a gold level membership, your website should receive 5000 impressions per day or receive $10,000 revenue per month. The minimum payout is $10 for Paypal and $50 for checks.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Earn $100 per month writing articles on Hubpages

In today’ highly competitive employment field, it is not very easy to earn a decent income with a traditional job. With so many income sources available online, more and more people are coming onto the internet to earn money online. However, to make a living online, you need to setup your own website or a blog. Being a newbie it is not very easy to host website and promote it online fighting with a huge competition. For people who do not have a website and still want to make a living online can do so with a best option of writing articles on Hubpages.

Earn money online without a website or a blog

Hubpages is an excellent community of online writers offering the best way to post high quality articles and earn a passive income. The best thing about Hubpages is that you do not need a website or a blog. You don’t need web designing skills or hosting knowledge. All you should know is to transform your ideas into an article. Post the article on Hubpages, monetize it and sit back to enjoy a passive income.

Earning options on Hubpages
There are multiple income sources to make the most out of your hubs. However, it is important to produce quality and unique content to earn from any of these income sources.

Adsense is undoubtedly the best program to earn money from your hubs. While creating an account you can link your existing adsense account to your hub pages account and every time you publish a hub, adsense ads are displayed on the page. The revenue is shared in 60:40 ratios. That means when 10 people view your hub, ads with your ID are displayed 6 times and ads with Hubpages ID are displayed 4 times. Another advantage with writing articles on hub pages is that you can get your adsense account approved easily. With Google becoming stringent on approving adsense applications, it is not very easy to get your application approved. Write 10 quality hubs and then apply for Adsense program so that you can get your application approved in an easy manner.

Hubpages Ad program
This is a new monetizing method introduced by Hubpages. While it was available only for few members, it is now available for everyone. Once you opt in to this program, Hubpages places ads on your hubs and you earn income based on page views. It again depends on the revenue generated by that page. So you need to choose high paying keywords to earn more money.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Another good option to earn money is to place Amazon ads on your hubpage. If you do not have an existing Amazon account you can create one from hubpages account. After publishing a hubpage you can add amazon capsules. You have an option to either to choose your own products or allow Amazon to display products based on the keywords you specify. You can even choose the number of ads to be displayed.

EBay Affiliate Program
Another income source on hub page is EBay affiliate program. EBay works similar to Amazon and you can either use your existing eBay account or create a new one.

Kontera is a contextual ad network which goes well with Adsense. After you post an article on hubpages, Kontera places contextual in-text links on the page. When someone clicks on those links, you earn money.

How to earn more money from Hubpages?
The best way to earn more money is to produce more content on hubpages. Write 2-3 articles per day and maintain that work for 3-6 months. When you have 200 hubs on the site, you can start earning a decent income from those hubs. As this is a passive income, you can do your job and still post articles in your free time.

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