Thursday, October 11, 2012

Top 5 revenue sharing sites to post articles and earn money

The internet is an exciting hub of multiple income sources. With changing times and increasing prices everywhere, people are searching for various income opportunities. Online writing is one of the popular online career opportunities as there is no end for content requirement. As more and more websites come online, they require content on a regular basis. SEO content writing is a good option for writers who are searching for online income opportunities. It requires a great passion to create quality content. Many people have this passion but are not sure about how to proceed further. Revenue sharing websites offer a nice platform for writers to earn money online.

Revenue Sharing websites
Revenue sharing websites offer a double advantage. New writers can earn a passive income while experimenting with keywords and SEO stuff. Here are top 5 revenue sharing sites to pursue online writing opportunities.

Hubpages is a high quality content site which offers easy-to-use features to post content. With its rich user interface, writers can easily create hubs on selected topics and post them online. Hubpages offers several income opportunities like Hubpages Ad program, eBay, Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate program. While the first three options mentioned here are integrated into the Hubpages earning program, Amazon is a separate one and writers need to work with it individually. Hubpages offers 60% of revenue on clicks generated on Google Adsense program. The good thing with this internet community is that the hubs written by new writers can receive good traffic from other members in addition to the organic traffic.

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Squidoo is another good website which offers a passive income. This site works similar to Hubpages. All content pages created on Squidoo are called lens. The revenue shared is based on pageviews. In addition, writers can place Amazon capsules and earn an extra income. However, it takes more time to setup a squidoo lens when compared with other sites.

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Redgage is a social bookmarking site. Members can upload blogs, articles, videos, images and links. The revenue shared is based on page views. Posting an article is simple and easy. Writers can easily interact with other members and receive traffic to their content.

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Factoidz has now turned into Knoji. The site offers multiple income options. The first option is to post articles and enjoy the revenue generated from page views. Members can write reviews on products listed on the site. In addition, members can create back links and earn an extra income. This extra income is calculated according to the page rank of the webpage wherein the back link is created. There are certain guidelines to be followed while doing these tasks. The content posted is reviewed by an editor before appearing online.

Triond is another good website to post content and earn money. Triond operates multiple domains and the content posted is categorized into the relevant domain. For instance, articles about shopping get posted on Quazen domain and spirituality content appears of Relijournal domain.