Monday, October 31, 2011

Changing the content of the blog for more income options

Hi Friends,

I have been working with several online programs over the past 4 years, right from PTC, surveys, forum posting to Affiliate marketing stuff. However, lately, I got busy with freelance writing projects and could not manage this blog. Most of the posts on this blog are very outdated and the sites I have reviewed here are not working either. 

However, when I checked the traffic stats, it was interesting to see that people are still visiting this blog and reading the content, though a less number. Moreover this traffic is coming from search engines. So I thought I should take time to manage this blog and provide updated information here. 

Moreover, I am not working with regular PTC system anymore as I feel it is a waste of time when we have more income to earn while spending less time. And the most important task of referring friends can be avoided. So I am going to write articles on how to earn money online blogging and ways to earn passive income.

So in the days to come, I will spend more time here posting useful information for newbies who want to earn an online income from the comfort of working from home.


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