Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Google Adsense Application rejected - Try Chitika to earn money

While every blogger dreams of making money online, it is your monetization strategies that matter the most. Undoubtedly, Google Adsense is the most popular income generating program online. However, it is not easy for everyone to get their Google Adsense application approved from the search engine giant. You need to post unique content, drive traffic to your site and show Google that your site has potentiality to create revenue. I have seen many people complaining about their Google Adsense application getting rejected. There are several reasons why your application gets rejected. I am not going to list these reasons here. However, I want to talk about the other Google alternative Ad revenue program so that you can earn money from your website or blog.

Chitika is a good Google alternative Ad revenue sharing program which is gaining popularity in recent times. In fact Yahoo Ad Publisher network refers small businesses to Chitika which speaks volumes of this company. Applying to Chitika is simple and easy. Click on Signup button and fill in your website details and submit the form. Chitika will review your website and approve your application. Once your website is approved you can login to the site and create ads and paste them on your website.

Get Chitika | Premium

Ads displayed by Chitika are contextual as well as search term related. Most of the time Chitika displays ads related to the search terms which brought your visitors into the site. This way the conversion rate goes high. In addition, Chitika checks your website content and posts ads related to the content. At times, there are ads which are not related to your content but enhance the value of the website.

There are membership levels in Chitika Ad network program. Silver-level Ads and Gold-Level Ads. Gold level ads offer you higher CPC. However, to qualify for a gold level membership, your website should receive 5000 impressions per day or receive $10,000 revenue per month. The minimum payout is $10 for Paypal and $50 for checks.

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